Saturday, July 21, 2012

Glory and Praise to our Lord Jesus, this morning we took two teams to a treasure hunt in Southland Mall, Cutler Bay,Fl. It's always amazing what the Holy Spirit shows you before you go, some times we see no sense of what we're shown prior to leaving to go on the treasure hunt.I've personally have given into not trying and write whatever pictures ,names,places and impressions comes to mind. There was a name on the list,Ana or the letter A, turns out that we met someone named Ana,she was so thrilled that God had her name on the list of His Treasures, she could hardly express her joy that the Lord was thinking of her and I don't know anyone who would not.  She had told us that she'd just recently been baptized and said that where she went to church that they spoke prophetic words to each other,so it wasn't unfamiliar to her,none the less her joy level soared at the "voice" of the Lord. We also told her of her changing life circumstances,being newly saved,encouraging her that God was working in her life. As we passed through the mall, the Lord spoke another member of the team," What about her?" he said. the team member went and spoke with  the young woman, she found out the woman was unfamiliar with the message of reconciliation and led her a confession of faith in Jesus, prayed with her for healing in her son who had a medical problem in his diet.
  We then met a man who had written a book of inspirational messages called "Divinely Guided" By James Odom,he let us pray over him concerning a medical issue. He is currently living by faith concerning his finances.
   I'm sure there are other testimonies that i've not heard as of now, but as you can see how much impact, we as believers, can have in just one hour. How much more can we bring the Kingdom 0f God as we walk out our daily lives.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Son Day @Life Pointe

Wow! what a message from Travis,talk about equipping the saints.
Way to go,Travis! i love it when your preaching like the maniac for Jesus,i know you to be.