Sunday, June 29, 2008

it's a Sunday ....... ok i'll try some catchy phrase later

what a great sunday at life pointe church!
kind of leaves one speechless,the Spirit of God was moving throughout the worship service,what an awesome God we serve.
pastor travis brought us and himself (he admits this publicly,ok) a message about humility. this is what i really love about travis and lpc,it's real, real people,real lives,real struggles, loving a real saviour,Jesus Christ.
everyone here knows,if you don't then it won't be for long if your hanging with this bunch,what Jesus has done for all. that while we were yet separated from God through our own selfish wills,Jesus became a sacrifice for us to reconcile us to God. and that we should partake of this reconciliation by merely accepting this act by Jesus,in good faith,believing that this is a gift from God,not to be earned, but freely given to all no matter who you are.even this is not the end of God's graceous gifts for he has sent the Spirit of God to seal our hearts with our acceptence of Jesus.for the Spirit now begins the work of conforming us to the likeness of Jesus.
---------Pause for an applause---------------------------------------------:-)

as i was saying great sunday at life pointe church.
sorry i missed the church 2.0, i sure there will be another bunch of bloggers coming from Life Pointe Church in Homestead

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Anonymous said...

This is the type of gift that I accept for me and for everyone else. No greater church for this to be happening than LPC.

Much love and many blessings,